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The Website




“Verbeek’s The Website is strikingly original in concept and scope. While the topic of sex-trafficked children is a familiar one, the author integrates fantasy elements into the story, beginning with the fictional island of Si’Empra” – Book Life Prize

Perfect for fans of crime, thriller, and fantasy alike, The Website is a fast-paced, genre-mashing mystery novel that intertwines the beloved urban fantasy world of Si’Empra with the harsh realities of a child trafficking investigation.

Saskia Van Essen is a dwarf, finance geek, and crime investigator who has seen it all, from fraudulent activities to covert work with law enforcement agencies. But nothing could prepare her for the challenge of her latest mission – uncovering the secrets of an organized crime ring and dark net site that sells images of unusual-looking children tagged in Interpol’s Child Sexual Exploitation database.

In a stroke of luck, Saskia learns of a mystical, isolated island in the Antarctic called Si’Empra, and the people inhabiting this island share a remarkable resemblance to the missing children tagged in her database.

Getting to the island is the least of her worries, however. Its inhabitants are wary of foreigners, and though she knows she’s getting close to those at the head of the trafficking ring, they always seem to be one step ahead. Can Saskia uncover the kingpins’ identities before more children fall victim to their whims?

Gripping and full of intrigue, The Website is sure to be enjoyed by fans of hits like Bruce Beckham’s DI Skelgill series and Yasmin Angoe’s Nena Knight trilogy.

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Mystery and crime

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The Forest

The family's engaging. The dogs are welcoming. Nature is thriving. But there's a thread of evil in the woods, and Saskia, computer geek and mountain bike enthusiast, is there to find its source. She uncovers more than she signed up for, and the stakes are higher than she imagined. The fate of a logging community hangs in the balance unless she can unravel the mystery in the forest.

Saskia and her colleagues at the International Financial Services accept an assignment that sends Saskia from her home in Lyon, France, to the highlands of Australia. She's there to help Tania, the new managing director, restructure a family-owned logging company, restoring its fortunes in changing times. She's also there to discover whether there's a basis for Tania's suspicion that money is being laundered through the company's books.

All starts well, despite vague threats that change to traditional ways of doing things isn't welcome. But the complications pile up. Money is washing through the town in grand houses and businesses that should be failing. Josh, the Finance Manager, is highly stressed about something. Then Saskia begins to uncover a surprising plethora of crimes, and suddenly, the threats are real.

Tania's demand to back off and keep herself safe comes too late, and Saskia is in the heart of a wild chase that she must win, or her new-found friends will die.

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