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About Miriam

When she's not writing, Miriam enjoys spending time with friends, family and her dogs, exploring the natural world through bushwalking, scuba diving, snowshoeing and travel. She also finds joy in reading, listening to audiobooks, learning new things and indulging in hobbies such as gardening and doing puzzles.


She is a versatile and dynamic writer, academic editor and scholar with several degrees, including a BA in Secretarial Studies, MBA, a PhD in Management Ethics, and graduate diplomas in Foreign Affairs and Editing. She has shown a deep commitment to human rights and justice issues throughout her career.


Her extensive education and wealth of life experiences inform the entertaining, thought-provoking, compassionate and insightful books she writes.

Check out her urban fantasy series, Songs of Si’Empra, and the detective book, The Website, today!


Author Miriam Verbeek
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